Gdynia Film Festival 2016 started yesterday

In Gdynia, General

One of the most important events of Polish film industry – Gdynia Film Festival started yesterday in Gdynia. It is the 41st edition of the festival.

Week filled with artistic feast

Throughout this week, we can enjoy the movies taking part in the contest to win prestigious Golden and Silver Lion prizes. Apart from contest movies, there are many additional screenings, which may be interesting for film enthusiasts.

Schedule and tickets

Schedule of screenings is available at the official website of the festival: From that place you can also purchase tickets and book places. If you are interested in descriptions of contest movies, feel free to check:

Apart from the main contest, there are also descriptions of additional movies being screen throughout the festival.

Grand Opening

There are also many galas and additional events surrounding Gdynia Festival 2016. One of them was the grand opening of the festival – a special gala which took place in Musical Theatre in Gdynia. Starts and crew members of movies from the main contest appeared on the red carpet. President of Gdynia, Wojciech Szczurek appeared as always with his wife, receiving an applaud from gathered citizens.

Tricity News on Gdynia Film Festival

We are keeping track of the most important events of Gdynia Film Festival 2016. We will be keeping you up to date with all the news concerning this unique film event.