Gdynia Aerobaltic 2017

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Gdynia hosted a spectacular airshow this weekend. Gdynia Aerobaltic 2017 was an event many won’t forget. The show combined elements of aerobatics, lightshow, firework display and music show.

An extraordinary airshow

Aerobaltic is an extraordinary airshow. Skillful pilots present themselves in their machines. This show isn’t though just about the tricks and aerobatics. During the afternoon sessions, when the sun was still up, the pilots were combining their performances with music. When the sun went down, they added pyrotechnics creating an unforgettable spectacle.

Gdynia Aerobaltic pilots

Aerobaltic 2017 was an international event. In addition to Polish crews , pilots from other countries came to present their skills. Among the stars visiting the show, the spectators could see Aerosparx, Fireflies, Skymagic or Team Zelazny. However the show wasn’t only about the crews. Artur Kielak, Johan Gustafsson and Marek Choim gave solo performances.

Two days of fun

The event took place in Gdynia on Friday as well as Saturday. The program was the same during both days, but the spectators couldn’t feel bored for sure. Apart from the attractions in the sky, the organizers filled the area with many additional features. There was a food truck zone, which helped all those getting hungry. Kids could play in special zones on the beach. Adults could also take part in a variety of attractions there. It is though no wonder, that the event attracted some 200.000 people during the weekend.

Gdynia as airshow city

The authorities of Gdynia proved again, that the city is ready to organize spectacular airshows. Great location of the beach and the boulevard as well as the distance to Gdynia airport is vital in organizing such events. In 2014, Red Bull organized one of the stages of Air Race World Championships in Gdynia. This year we could experience a beautiful show at Gdynia Aerobaltic. We hope next year will also bring some attractions to the airspace above the surface of the water along the boulevard in Gdynia.

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