Gdansk has chosen a new Mayor of the city – Aleksandra Dulkiewicz

In Gdansk, General

Having an outstanding advantage in votes, Aleksandra Dulkiewicz won by-elections in Gdansk. Nearly half of the citizens of the city participated in the voting.

By-elections in Gdansk

Due to the tragic death of former mayor Pawel Adamowicz, there was a need to chose his successor. As a result, a temporary mayor, the duties were in hands of Aleksandra Dulkiewicz – the vice-mayor of the city. The by-elections took place last Sunday with three candidates on the lists.

Three Candidates

The citizens of Gdansk could choose between three candidates. The first one was Aleksandra Dulkiewicz – the former vice-mayor for economic affairs. She was also a long-time assistant cooperating with Pawel Adamowicz. The second was Grzegorz Braun representing the far right-wing of Polish political scene. Among the candidates was also Marek Skiba representing Catholic communities.

Nearly 50% participated in voting

Nearly 349 500 people have the legal voting ability in Gdansk. Out of this number, more than 171 thousand went to nearly 200 polling stations around the city. The final participation was 48,98 percent. The voting lasted from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm giving the citizens 14 hours to chose their candidate.

Aleksandra Dulkiewicz – the new Mayor of Gdansk

The new mayor of Gdansk – Aleksandra Dulkiewicz received 139 790 votes which make 82,22%.

Aleksandra Dulkiewicz – the Mayor of Gdansk, Phot: Renata Dąbrowska, source: Gdansk Press Office