The First Day at Polish Film Festival 2018

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Polish Film Festival 2018 began on Monday. This means the opening of the festival which attracts viewers with a wide variety of Polish movies. Altogether, the visitors will see 130 films at nearly 350 screenings throughout the 6 days of the event.

The Grand Opening

The opening gala of the 43rd Polish Film Festival took place in the Musical Theatre at 7 pm. The director of the festival – Mr. Leszek Kopeć welcomed all in attendance at the event. Shortly after, President of Gdynia – Mr. Wojciech Szczurek came on the stage to welcome all guests in the city. With this, the festival has officially begun.


Film enthusiasts didn’t have to wait for the opening gala to enjoy the best Polish movies though. Journalists saw the first three of the movies competing in the main contest. Those were: Hole in the Head by Piotr Subbotko, Autsajder by Adam Sikora and Fugue by Agnieszka Smoczyńska. Watching the first movies definitely stirred the appetite for more.

The wider audience could see more than a half of the Main Contest movies. Additionally, there were screenings of all movies from Visions Apart Contest. One thing was sure. The day was too short to enjoy this feast to the full.

Tricity News at Polish Film Festival

On the first day of the festival, we had an opportunity to see two movies from the Main Competition: Autsajder and Fugue.


This film interestingly depicts the Polish reality of the 1980’s. A young man gets framed and has to face the totalitarian machine of the judicial system. Viewers can find a lot of cultural and historical references in the movie. Throughout the film, we can hear music characteristic of the 1980’s. In the background of the story, we get to know about the treatment towards strikers of Wujek coal mine. Their strike was pacified by the authorities in December 1981.

Interesting camera work including frequent cuts to the first-person view builds the authentic atmosphere of the scenes. It is definitely an interesting title for all who would like to get to know Polish modern history better.


A story of a woman who loses her memory and comes back to her family after two years of absence. The story unfolds gradually giving a viewer the experience similar to the main character’s. We learn feelings and memories together with the character. The cooperation of Polish, Check and Swedish filmmakers is visible in the climate of the movie.

Gabriela Muskala inspired her scenario on the real story which she came across 13 years ago. Throughout the development of the script, the makers were consulting psychiatrists as well as people suffering from dissociative fugue disorder. As a result, the viewers can see touching, fabular story. The scriptwriter Gabriela Muskala plays the main character.

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