Final Countdown to 41st Film Festival in Gdynia

In Gdynia, General

Each year, Gdynia gathers the most important people of Polish film industry. They gather to take part in the oldest film event in Europe – Gdynia Film Festival. We are counting down days now to enjoy the 41st edition of the festival.


Gdynia Film Festival is organized yearly since 1974 and for years it existed under name: Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia. Gdynia was though not always hosting the event. Until 1986, the festival took place in Gdansk. Since then, the Musical Theatre in Gdynia became the centre of the festival and a trademark of Polish film industry.

Main objective of the festival

The festival is organized to help Polish audience to get familiar with the latest Polish productions. The best Polish films, premieres, debuts and international prizewinners compete to reach for the Golden and Silver Lions. Those Prizes are one of the most prestigious in Polish film industry. There are also several additional, individual awards given by the judges.

The structure of the festival

Films are now competing in four sections: Main Competition, Visions Apart Competition, Young Cinema Competition and Short Film Competition. Additional different surrounding film events are organized as parts of Gdynia Film Festival as well.

Films and tickets

You can find the list of movies which will be displayed during Gdynia Film Festival 2016 at the official website: Tickets are available online and in cash desks of the festival. Prices will be delivered to you by Tricity News together with the harmonogram of screenings once it will be officially published by the organizers of Gdynia Film Festival.

Film Enthusiasts warmly welcomed

All those who love cinema and are interested in getting to know Polish film industry, should definitely book some time between 19th and 24th of September. Gdynia Film Festival allows you to get to know Polish culture and to grasp of unforgettable, artistic atmosphere. Feel free to follow up on Tricity News to gain more information about the festival and to attend the festival itself.