Everything you need to know about 42nd Polish Film Festival

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Only 1 week left until the launch of the 42nd Polish Film Festival! This article is a guide for those of you who would like to take part in this event.

Schedule and location

As mentioned in the previous article, there are 3 different locations where you can watch films. In the Musical Theatre there are screenings of the Main Competition films but you need an accreditation to get there. Visit Multikino Cinema and Gdynia Film Center instead.

Check the schedule of the festival in English.

Every film from the Main Competition has English subtitles. Once you download the schedule in pdf, you will see all movies from other competitions with English Subtitles too. They are marked with ABC icon.


Online ticket sales are available on www.festiwalgdynia.pl and in the Gdynia Film Centre. Starting from 15th September and during the festival you can also buy tickets at the counters located on the ground floor of the Waterfront Center (Multikino) and at the Musical Theatre.

Tickets prices:
19 PLN regular
15 PLN discounted (only for sale at the ticket office)
11 PLN for Short Film Competiton and group ticket
200 PLN regular pass
150 PLN discounted pass

The pass allows you to see up to 34 screenings (each screening takes 1 point of the pass). Entry to the film show will only be possible after reservation of the seat online.

Events and exhibitions

The Festival offers some great attractions beside the film screenings. During the week you can take part in events such as workshops or debates. Check them out below:



It also has a wide range of book meetings or promotion events. You can read about them here.

I hope this article will be useful during the week of 42nd Polish Film Festival. Don’t miss it!