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If you are an EU citizen staying in Poland for a period of time exceeding 3 monthsyou have the obligation to register your stay.


You will need to submit the registration application in person to the appropriate voivodship office. If you are residing in Tricity, the corresponding authority is the Pomeranian Voivodship Office in Gdańsk:

The application form has to be completed in Polish.

Please make sure that the application is submitted no later than the day after the end of the period of three months from your arrival to Poland.

When the registration is done, you will get a corresponding certificate which confirms your right to live in Poland.


  • completed application form
  • valid identity card or passport
  • Employees

o    Certificate of employment or confirmation of recruitment from your employer

  • Self-employed

o    Proof of your status as self-employed

  • Pensioners

o    Proof of comprehensive health insurance

o    Proof you can support yourself without needing income support: resources may come from any source

  • Students

o    Proof of enrolment for studies/course issued by University

o    Proof of comprehensive health insurance

o    Declaration that you have sufficient resources cover the cost of living in Poland

  • Spouse of a Polish national:

o    document confirming marriage with a Polish national


This registration is free of charge.


Pomeranian Voivodship Office Address:
Okopowa 21/27
80-810 Gdansk
Phone: +58 30 77 695

Room: 53 (ground floor, entrance IV)

Opening hours:

Monday           9.00-14.00
Tuesday           11.00-18.00
Wednesday     9.00-14.00
Thursday          9.00-14.00
Friday               9.00-14.00




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