Estonia causes troubles, Poland is back

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Eurovolley 2017 Finland-Estonia, Photo: Jakub Wozniak/Tricity NewsEurovolley 2017 Finland-Estonia, Photo: Jakub Wozniak/Tricity News

In the second round of Lotto Eurovolley 2017 in Poland, teams from Group A played in Ergo Arena. The match day began with the leveled game between Estonia and Serbia. During the latter game, Polish players proved, that the initial loss against Serbia was just a moment of weakness.

Estonia – Serbia

Serbia was definitely a favorite to win the game with Estonia. The Serbians won the opening game against Poland in Warsaw 0:3 giving the Poles no chances. As a result, the team could have felt comfortable before facing the Estonians.

Leveled exchange of punches

The team from Estonia was though not eager to give the match away too easily. The players showed as big fighting spirit as they did during their first match against Finland. Extremely joyful and supportive fans  fueled the fighting spirit as well. As a result, the Serbians won the first set having only two points of advantage.

This irritated the team from Estonia and they stroke the first part of the second set hard. Ardo Kreek, Renee Teppan and Robert Taht were biting the Serbs constantly. As a result, Estonia won the second set with a high advantage in points – 25:16.

The fighting spirit continued

The focus and the hunger for victory of the Estonians were incredible. Thanks to their attitude as well as the support of their loyal fans, they managed to win the third part of the game too. The initial strike allowed them to gain 4 points advantage in the early part of the set. This advantage continued and the Estonians won the third set 25:21.

With 2:1 in sets, Serbians were in huge trouble. Estonians were excited and continued to support their players. The Serbs didn’t want to give away the points and they pressed hard to dominate the fourth part of the game. The pressure they put on Estonians resulted in winning this set 20:25.

Unfortunately for the Estonian fans gathered in Ergo Arena, the Serbians dominated the tie break as well. Despite the eagerness to win, a great atmosphere created by the fans and the positive result in two of the sets, the team from Estonia lost the match. The final result of the game: 2:3 (23:25, 25:16, 25:21, 20:25, 12:15) for Serbia.

Poland – Finland

In the second part of the match day, Poland played against Finland. The Finns were motivated after their initial win against Estonia. Polish players needed to prove that their participation in the championships is not a coincidence. As a result, both teams worked hard from the very beginning of the game.

The Poles proved their level

Despite the initial nervousness, the Polish team managed to dominate the game against Finland. The support of 9000 people gathered in Ergo Arena was for sure a great help for them too. The Finns were trying hard to break the domination, but their efforts weren’t enough. The first set ended with a score 25:23.

From the very start of the second part of the game, the host team played very well. They dominated the game and it was the Polish style of volleyball the guests had to play. Poland continued to show their superiority throughout the set and as a result they won the second set with four points of advantage.

The Finns were desperate to keep the points. This resulted in a very leveled beginning of the last part of the game. The Polish team was though standing their ground firmly and they played wisely. The advantage was growing and the match ended after three sets.

The final result of the game was 3:0 (25:23, 25:21, 25:19) for Poland.

Upcoming games

Next games take place in Ergo Arena on Monday. First, Finland will face the leaders of the group – Serbia. In the second part of the match day, Poland will host Estonia. We are especially looking forward to this game, as both groups of fans are well known for creating an amazing spectacle.

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