Ergo Arena – a place friendly for the disabled

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The board of Ergo Arena in Tricity has recently informed about one of the main goals for 2020. Continuing efforts from the past time, the arena will become more and more accessible.

Developing the accessibility

Ergo Arena, as well as the surrounding areas, are already accessible for wheelchairs. There are 20 special parking spaces for the disabled. From these places, there is a ramp leading to accessible entrances. What is more, the arena has three platforms which can host up to 8 people each. These are very comfortable and safe viewpoints during all events. In addition to that, there are 8 toilets for the disabled in convenient and easily accessible locations.

Facing the needs of the hearing impaired

In the A1 area of the Ergo Arena, there is a special information point for the disabled. Starting from the 12th of January 2020, on some of the events, it will function as a place to rent hearing aid equipment. There are 20 high-quality radio receivers able to work for 8 hours straight. The appliances are possible to connect with various personal hearing aids and hygienic to use. The hearing impaired may borrow the aids for free and enjoy the concerts and shows to the full thanks to them.

New hearing aids, photo: Ergo Arena press release

Upcoming upgrades

In addition to all the previous steps, the board of Ergo Arena wants to make the place even more accessible. To achieve that, the works on improving pathways leading to platforms have started. The existing safety rails on the platforms will be lower to give the guests the best possible view. What’s more, special shelves with power sockets will appear to make the experience more comfortable.