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B90, one of the best places in Tricity, organized another interesting concert. This time you had a chance to listen to a band called Pain and their supporter Dust in Mind.

Dust in Mind

Dust in Mind is a band from France, they play industrial metal. The charismatic lead singer is Jennifer Gervais, but obviously backed by her band. They have a new album, that premiered on the 7th of April and they say that one of the band’s inspirations is Pain.


Pain also plays industrial metal or you can also say Gothic metal. Peter Tagtgren comes from Sweden and is the one that established the whole band. He was fascinated by metal music since he was a teenager so it comes to no surprise that he decided to have a band of his own. In 1996, he decided to form this band, and has been on stage for 20 years and has published 8 albums. The band is a side project although never being left in the lurch. It’s also worth mentioning that he writes and composes all the music himself. In 2016, they published an album “Coming Home” which is being promoted in Poland. Peter says that the album is more experimental than what he’s ever done before. There are acoustic guitars, orchestra arrangements and some guest vocals.

A brilliant show

The concert took place on the 14th of April which was on Good Friday. Despite the holiday, a mass of people showed up and participated in the show. “Thank you, Pain, for a brilliant show in Gdańsk!” said one of the attendees.

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