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Volvo Gdynia Sailing Days 2017, photo: Jakub Wozniak/Tricity NewsVolvo Gdynia Sailing Days 2017, photo: Jakub Wozniak/Tricity News

Upcoming year 2018 is going to be abundant in days off work. A person working full time on the regular basis is going to have 114 days off work. Considering this, 2018 is having 251 work days in store for most of us. Apart from weekends, there are 13 additional days off work scheduled. Thanks to this, we can have some longer weekends. When?

Winter and Spring

January the 1st, which is a day off work is on Monday this year, what gives us the first longer weekend of the year. The Three Kings Day is scheduled for Saturday, January the 6th.

The Easter break is also going to last for three days due to the Easter Monday on April the second.

The opportunity for one of the two longest break in 2018 is going to happen in May. The Labor Day will be on Tuesday, May the 1st and the Constitution Day is two days later, on Thursday. Thanks to this, if you take three days off, you are going to have 9 days off work.

The next longer weekend is going to take place at the beginning of June. The Corpus Christi holiday is scheduled for Thursday, May the 31th. This means that taking a day off work on Friday the 1st, gives us 4 days off.

 Second half of the year

There will be only one opportunity to have a longer weekend during the summer. August the 15th is both the Day of Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the Armed Forces Day. This public holiday is going to be on Wednesday, which gives an opportunity to prolong the weekend by taking two day off.

All Saints Day which is November the 1st is on Thursday, so longer weekend will be possible by taking the next day off. The Independence Day, which is November the 11th will be on Sunday, so due to Polish labors law, the employer needs to give us another day off.

In 2018 Christmas is going to give us a longer weekend too. December 25th will be on Tuesday, so combined with Wednesday which is a public holiday too, you can have up to 9 days off.

Make sure to plan your holidays in advance and plan at least a part of it to enjoy Tricity!

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