[advertising article] Cross The Borders 2017 opened

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On May 9 th the official opening of the 2nd edition of the international mentorship program called Cross The Borders took place. The purpose of the meeting was to present mentors and promote second edition of the program.

How to participate

Entries will be launched shortly. To become a participant in Cross the Borders, you must pass the recruitment interview and pay the fee. Participants will have an access to best business practices of entrepreneurs with international exposure. Details will be revealed shortly.


Guests were welcomed by the MC- Jaroslaw Walkiewicz, president of the club is Marka jest Kobieta, Editor-in-Chief of Biznesnafali. An incredible man with passion and charisma.

The effects of the first edition of Cross the Borders program were presented by last year’s finalist, Aleksandra Dejewska, nutritionist and eating disorders recovery coach who develops her business in a bold and unique way, promoting a healthy body image through a series of events called “Envy Myself” Az Sobie Zazdroszcze.

Strategic partner of the project, Hotel Sadova welcomed guests in their modern and cozy interiors .Hotel director, Ms. Malgorzata Kolnierzak presented the history of the hotel, which construction she supervised herself. The design of the hotel refers to the fruit orchards that once housed this place. The Papieroovka Restaurant, represented by Mrs. Aleksandra Basendowska, presented the guests with a wide selection of delicious snacks such as sirloin with red onion preserves, pear and honey, roasted duck with mashed potato sage and marinated prawns with crayfish, rice and a compressed cucumber.

Special Guest

The evening featured a special guest, Anish Saraf, a young and ambitious entrepreneur who owns one of the most dynamically developing startups in the Tri City- Let’s Deliver, which delivers everything but people. Anish talked about the obstacles he had overcome, the culture shock, the clash with Polish mentality, the bureaucracy and the culture of drinking vodka not only after work.


All 8 mentors of the project arrived.

Agnieszka Klimczak Iddeni , Wojciech Widzicki Widzicki.com, Rob Dombrowski Smart Quality Solutions , Kuba Kadlubowski Zuchwali and Katarzyna Richter attended the evening.

The remaining mentors sent video greetings from various parts of the world: Mirella Brzoza from Italy Let’s Talk Pro, Jake Smolarek from London JakeSmolarek.com and Piotr Motyl Biznes Ponad Granicami from Bangkok.

Katarzyna Richter, the project owner talked about intercultural competence and how to build relationships with other cultures.

We thanked all current project partners, including “aeXea” , the creator of the innovative tax package for Polish companies BezpiecznaFirma.Tax 

A bit of wine for the guests

Przemyslaw Gwardzik, the founder of the Red Wine & Whiskey brand, delivered highly interactive and educational lecture on the etiquette of wine drinking. 

Among the invited guests were entrepreneurs from different sectors, people interested in the subject of intercultural communication in business and widening their horizons.

Feedback after the opening

Here are some of the feedback that the organizers received:

“Once again, thank you for the invitation and a wonderful evening, rich in exceptionally substantive and professional speeches, as well as in a non-business environment, a meeting with a sommelier and exceptionally good catering.

“Cross the Borders” is a great initiative, important to talk about and promote it loudly. “

Dr. Zaneta Geryk, Chairman of the Education Committee, Gdansk City Council 

“Hi Kasia, thank you very much for the opportunity to participate. Your meeting was a great inspiration for me, how can you pursue your passions and business goals while supporting the development of Polish international business. Greetings.”

Monika Chutnik Managing Director Etta Global Leadership Consulting

We invite you to follow the project on https://www.facebook.com/przekrocz/ as the participants sign-up will be open very soon. Stay tuned.