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[Partnership article] Where did the idea for Cross the Borders ( )- mentorship program come from? How many connections separate each of us from Kevin Bacon? Why does the sun sometimes not shine? – these are the things learned by guests of an event organized by Deal With Culture during the final night of the program.

The final of Cross The Borders

The host of the event was Katarzyna Richter, the founder and organizer of Cross The Borders Cross-Cultural Business Mentorship Program. Guests from London, Cambridge, Leeds, Berlin, Cracow, Warsaw and Wroclaw graced the night with their presence. Bob Spence, an international negotiation and business development expert, gave an interactive lecture on how to build business contacts. He also showed how to reach out to any selected person all over the world in only six steps.

Jake Smolarek shared his method of earning medals and running sucessful businesses abroad.  The closing ceremony of the 2nd edition of the mentoring program was held on 26.06 in the Hotel Sadova **** in Gdansk. Hotel Sadova **** is a unique place, conducive to the development of business and international contacts.

Participants of the program

The event attracted individuals interested in personal and professional development on an international level. Participants of the program: Weronika Tabor, Urszula Kamińska and Jarosław Waśkiewicz shared the benefits they gained from taking up “Przekrocz Granice”-Cross The Borders Mentoring Program. “The program gave me a lot of practical knowledge, I learned how to work in international markets, where to look for business partners and how to grow your brand abroad to succeed,” said Weronika Tabor, the youngest participant in the program, who works with foreigners on a daily basis .

Final thoughts from the organizers

Katarzyna Richter, the project owner explained why mentoring is such an important part of development, she provided insight on the program and announced the release of an eBook, which will contain the essence of knowledge resulting from mentoring consultations. Within the two editions we have implemented peer mentoring, showing how it can serve us to develop the desired habits, and cross mentoring has enabled the exchange of experience, knowledge and clues. Katarzyna Richter thanked all partners who were part of the project. Among partners are Aexea, which supports Polish entrepreneurs by registering companies in the UK and offering full accounting services, and the Uiversity of Social Sciences, the largest non-public university in Poland, also having its branch in London.

Some treats at the end of the event

Guests of the evening had also the opportunity to gain knowledge of the wine. Przemysław Gwardzik, the founder of the Red Wine & Whiskey Academy, celebrated the evening by betraying the secrets of noble liquors. Networking and talks about crossing borders, business development and life preceded the draws of prizes that were provided by program partners: Clochee Company, Cztery Glowy –, Gdańsk Psychological Publishing House and Papieroovka Restaurant.

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