Costa Pacifica visited Tricity today

In Gdynia, General

Another beautiful cruise ship visited port in Gdynia today. Costa Pacifica is Italian Concordia-class cruise ship. It operates since 2009 and its built cost €500 million.

Technical details

The ship is over 290 meters long (952 ft), and has 14 passenger decks. Three additional decks are for the crew.

The ship carries 3780 passengers and 1100 crew members.

Costa Pacifica will come back

Those who did not have a chance to see it today, will still have a chance, as Costa Pacifica will visit Gdynia two more times in August: 26th and 30th. All who want to see it, come to the Port of Gdynia near Polska 1 street.

End of season is soon

The Cruise ship season will be closed on 6th of October with visit of AIDAvita.