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Coronavirus street desinfection, photo: Jakub Wozniak/Tricity NewsCoronavirus street desinfection, photo: Jakub Wozniak/Tricity News

The government of Poland has introduced new restrictions regarding the epidemic state in Poland. This is a reaction to the development of the Coronavirus epidemic both in Poland and abroad.

Restrictions so far

So far, the government has already introduced limitations in mass events and the activity of shopping malls. In addition, there aren’t any lessons at schools and the borders remain under strict control. You can find details of all restrictions in our articles on the Epidemic Danger State as well as the Epidemic state.

Article from March 15, 2020
Article from March 21, 2020

Restrictions in movement

Until the end of the 11th of April, the inhabitants of Poland can’t move freely. The exceptions are their health, life, and work reasons to do so. As a result, the restriction does not apply:
commuting to work – those who have to travel to work can do so. They can also go to shops to make purchases in connection with their jobs.
volunteer work – those who by their actions fight against the epidemy can continue their activities. This includes help for those who are under quarantine or shouldn’t go out.
running necessary errands – we can go to buy necessary products, purchase medicine, visit the doctor, take care of family members as well as walk the dog.

A very important restriction is that we can walk only in groups of two. This does not apply to families. It is, however, important to keep that in mind once we organize help for our family or friends.

Restrictions in public transportation

Means of public transport will operate as usual, but only half of the seats will be available. This means, that if the bus can carry up to 70 seating passengers, there can be no more than 35 people inside. The town halls in Tricity have already undertaken measures to assure additional vehicles on the most crowded lines.

Meeting restrictions – including religious activities

The new regulations forbid any meetings completely. The only possibility to meet is with your closest ones.

Additionally, though the movement restrictions do not apply to those who want to take part in religious activities, there are restrictions in this area as well. The total amount of people participating in a mass or any other religious activity is 5. This doesn’t include religious ministers.

The government encourages, however, to make good use of media in this regard. Those allow participating in religious activities via television, radio or the internet.


The limits in gathering certain amounts of people do not apply to workplaces. The employers, however, have to follow the strict suggestions by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.

How to prevent infection?

Source: Polish Ministry of Health

What to do if you suspect you may be infected?

  • If you suspect you may have the Coronavirus, do not go to the doctor. You shouldn’t also go to the emergency unit of the local hospital.
  • Each person who visited the countries of active transmission of SARS-CoV-2 should call a sanitary-epidemiological station.
  • In case of any doubts, you can call the 24/7 NFZ Hotline – 800 190 590

Here is a list of sanitary-epidemiological stations in the area:

1. Debinki 4 street, phone: 605 602 195
2. Walowa 27 street, phone: 698 941 776

Starowiejska 50 street, phone: 605 462 480

Kosciuszki 23 street, phone 663 399 599

Boarder sanitary-epidemiological station in Gdynia
Kontenerowa 69 street, phone 608 358 721

Find out more about the virus at the official website of the Polish Ministry of Health.

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