Coronavirus in Tricity – First two cases

In Gdansk, General

On Saturday, the ministry of health confirmed the first two cases of Coronavirus in Tricity. Two women are now in the hospital in Gdansk.

Coronavirus in Tricity

When the authorities were introducing the nationwide state of epidemiological danger in Poland on Friday, there weren’t any cases in the area yet. Shortly after that, however, on Saturday, we’ve received information that the doctors confirmed two cases. The two patients are women who come from Pruszcz Gdanski (around 12km from Gdansk).

The women turned to the Pomeranian Centre for Infectious Diseases after they returned from a trip abroad. They didn’t show any symptoms, but the doctors took the swab samples for testing. They both came back with a positive result. After that, the authorities took steps to direct all those who had contact with the women for a quarantine. The first Coronavirus patients in the Pomeranian region feel good. One of the women is showing mild symptoms of the sickness.

Prevention measures

Already before the announcement of the first cases of Coronavirus in Tricity, the local authorities were applying prevention measures. Since Thursday, in line with the directive from the government, all places of education are closed.

The authorities were underlining that this aren’t holidays. All should try to use this time to isolate, trying to prevent both infection and spread of the disease. After the introduction of prevention measures for schools, many companies decided to do more home office work. This was a very good introduction to the nationwide state of epidemiological danger in Poland. We will describe the details of this arrangement in further articles.

How to prevent infection?

Source: Polish Ministry of Health

What to do if you suspect you may be infected?

  • If you suspect you may have the Coronavirus, do not go to the doctor. You shouldn’t also go to the emergency unit of the local hospital.
  • Each person who visited the countries of active transmission of SARS-CoV-2 should call a sanitary-epidemiological station.
  • In case of any doubts, you can call the 24/7 NFZ Hotline – 800 190 590

Here is a list of sanitary-epidemiological stations in the area:

1. Debinki 4 street, phone: 605 602 195
2. Walowa 27 street, phone: 698 941 776

Starowiejska 50 street, phone: 605 462 480

Kosciuszki 23 street, phone 663 399 599

Boarder sanitary-epidemiological station in Gdynia
Kontenerowa 69 street, phone 608 358 721

Find out more about the virus at the official website of the Polish Ministry of Health.

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