[contest] Win a pass to the 44th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia!

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the 44th Polish Film Festival Poster, author: Andrzej Pągowski, source: organizersthe 44th Polish Film Festival Poster, author: Andrzej Pągowski, source: organizers

The best Polish movies, stars of the film industry, fantastic atmosphere of the 44th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia – this experience can be yours! Tricity News has six passes for the festival to give away.

What to do?

In the comment section below answer a simple question:

What is my favorite Polish movie and why?

Six authors of the best answers will receive free passes for the festival from us. The contest lasts until midday on Wednesday, the 11th of September.


The passes allow you to enjoy the festival, feel a part of this great experience and see 5 movies during the event for free. The contest passes have 5 points on them (1 point equals 1 film screening). Entry to the film screening will only be possible after the prior reservation of the seat in the system.

Participate and invite others!

We warmly invite you to take part in the contest as well as to invite your friends by sharing our Facebook page or the contest post on your social media.

Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

  1. The contest is organized under the title “Win a pass to the 44th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia!” and takes place online on www.tricitynews.pl.
  2. The organizer of the contest is Tricity News, belonging to Tricity Media Jakub Wozniak company residing in 81-393 Gdynia at Zwirki i Wigury 6/20 street.
  3. The contest takes place online only. It begins on the 7th of September and lasts until midday on the 11th of September 2019.

Terms and conditions of participation

  1. Only those who fulfill requirements below can participate in the contest. A participant is a person who:
    a) has a full capacity to act in law, unless has written permission from the legal representative or the legal guardian.

    b) is not an active contributor nor worker of Tricity News.
    c) is not a family member of an active contributor nor worker of Tricity News.


  1. The prizes in the contest are six 5-point passes for the 44th Polish Film Festival which takes place in Gdynia from the 16th of September to the 21st of September.
  2. Each participant can win a pass allowing him to reserve five screenings during the 44th Polish Film Festival.
  3. The winners are participants, chosen by the organizers of the contest, who during the duration of the contest will write a comment with an interesting answer to a question:  What is my favorite Polish movie and why?
  4. The organizers have the authority to clarify all doubts concerning the terms and conditions of the contest as well as to interpret it and make decisions.
  5. The winners will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to pick up the prize on the day of the conclusion of the contest.
  6. The winners must confirm the will of receiving the prize by answering the e-mail.
  7. The organizers will pass the information about winners to Atlantic Gdynia club.

Participant’s personal data

  1. A condition to participate in the contest is to give real personal data (name, surname, e-mail address) while writing a comment.
  2. By clicking “Post Comment” in the comment section below, the participant informs that has read and accepts the terms and conditions. What’s more, the participant agrees for personal data processing by Tricity Media Jakub Wozniak company. The organizers gather and process data only for the purposes of conducting the contest and awarding the prize.
  3. The participant can request deleting personal data from companies database by sending a request to office@tricitynews.pl.

Final information

  1. The organizer has the right to change the terms and conditions of the contest unless it could influence the participants negatively. This especially involves changing deadlines and participation requirements.
  2. Terms and conditions apply since their publishing at www.tricitynews.pl.

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18 commentsOn [contest] Win a pass to the 44th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia!

  • I can’t go to the festival but I still wanted to leave my comment, my favourite Polish movie is dzień świra, so funny and so sad at the same time

  • “szczesliwego Nowego Jorku” is one of my favourite Polish movies as it shows so many boundaries and different sides of history. I treat that film as an educatory point for young people that cannot imagine that so many problems people had to get through.

  • It’s impossible for me to choose the ONE and ONLY but on the list of favourite Polish films is BOGOWIE.
    It tells a true story which I can relate to (my grandpa was one of te first patients), superb acting, outstanding cinematography and music.

  • For me it’s Miś and zimna wojna

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  • I can not choose a movie but I must mention Miś Uszatek, as simple as that. It’s beautifully made, and they were showing it also in Finland in the 90s. I grew up watching it and I loved it. I was a bit of a lonely child and teddy bears were an important part of my life. Now as a grown up living here in Poland, in a funny way it makes sense I grew up loving this classic.

    • One of my favourite polish movies is Cicha Noc. The film shows problems that no one talks about and what reality looks like for ordinary people. It is a good film for foreginers who want to find out about our traditions. It also shows that your life can change completly in just a second.

    • Film that i have big sentiment to, what make it one of my favorite, is “Kiler”. It’s iconic comedy by Juliusz Machulski and great performance of Cezary Pazura, Janusz Rewiński and Jerzy Stuhr.

  • My favourite Polish movie is “Awantura o Basię”. Its an old Polish movie directed by Maria Kaniewska.I like this film because it shows that you don’t have to be related to someone to treat them as your family. It’s a very touching story of a little girl named Basia who was able to unite a lot of people in a very short period of time.

  • My favorite movie is “7 uczuć” as, in my opinion, it’s taking us to our childhood for almost 2 hours. On the one hand it’s giving us chance to remind ourselves that we all are children with problems of adult, on the other hand it’s a bit absurd, abstract and reflective. Persoally for me it’s kind of new wave of polish cinematography.

  • I mean, it is really tough to decide which polish movie is my favourite one, but when I have to choose just one movie, definitely IT will be Rejs (The Cruise). Rejs was released in 1970 by Marek Piwowski and Janusz Głowacki and has become iconic in Polish cinematography. Rejs is a parody of the entire communist system with an excellent acting and hilarious dialogue. I love this dry sence of humor.

  • My favorite Polish film is the very recent Cold War by Paweł Pawlikowski, i could have chosen the wonderfully directed Ashes and Diamonds by Wajda or the beautifully written Three color trilogy by Kieślowski.

    But i think there’s no other movie that conveys such sublimely the fighting, romantic spirit of the Polish people while contrasting it against the harsh historical reality of life in Poland.

    It’s a movie that starts by showing us both a political and institutional struggle to create and conserve both art and culture, with such graceful singing and dancing. But alluring us with a brooding tale of unrequited love from our two talented protagonists.

    And although the shot drinking scene in Ashes and Diamonds will remain unbeaten as the best, the tabletop Dancing of Joanna Kulig will forever be remembered as one of Polish Cinema’s greatest moments 🙂

  • I consider “Rezerwat” as my favorite Polish movie. Why so? It mixes the beauty and the ugliness of Praga district. It became way more meaningful to me once I had a chance to live for a short time literally next to the block of flats showed in the movie. Then it occurred to me that this movie showed the reality and everyday life better than any documentary movie. And Sonia Bohosiewicz is simply extraordinary in that movie.

  • Dear Readers!

    We have officially finished the contest! The comments posted after this one will not participate in it.

    We will contact the winners by e-mail until 6 pm today.

    Thank you very much for your participation and stay tuned!


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