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In this series of interviews, Wiktor Jodlowski from Talkersi meets with people who moved to Tricity. What were their experiences? What problems did they face when coming to Tricity? Also, how did they overcome the challenges of moving to Poland? They will share their story with you.

Meet Jorge

Jorge is a Columbian man, who came to Poland following the course of happiness. He arrived in Poland in December 2016 for a longer time, though he has already been to Poland before. While traveling, he was sure, he has a job in Poland, but the reality surprised him a lot. Jorge works in the IT area. Jorge shared with us his experience and how he dealt with a stressful situation he encountered on his arrival. Does he regret coming to Tricity?

Watch part one and part two of our interview with Jorge.

Communication issues

Jorge mentions, that there are two Polands. There are bilingual people and those who speak Polish only. This may be the biggest challenge when a person moves to Tricity. There are still many places where no one speaks English. This however is not a lost case. As Jorge says there is always a way to communicate and get what you need.

People are nice

Before coming to Poland, Jorge heard, that Polish people are rude. He discovered though, that it isn’t true. In our interview, Jorge underlines, that people in Poland and in Tricity are very kind and helpful. Even when they don’t speak the language. What are your experiences?


Jorge mentions, that before coming to Tricity, it is good to set your mind appropriately. By this he means, that foreigners in Poland need patience. Especially in connection with Polish bureaucracy. It takes time and irritation as well as impatience can only bring a lot of distress. That’s why patience is so important when dealing with offices in Poland.

Additionally, don’t skip the language. Jorge shares his fascination over the way Polish people communicate with each other. He underlines, that embracing the language is a very important part of relocation experience for him. However, as Polish language is very difficult, you will need patience in learning it too.

Coming to Tricity

What experiences have you got when it comes to coming to Poland? Do you find it hard to communicate with Polish people? Let us know in comments and stay tuned for the next episode of Coming to Tricity.

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