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In this series of interviews, Wiktor Jodlowski from Talkersi meets with people who moved to Tricity. What were their experiences? What problems did they face when coming to Tricity? Also, how did they overcome the challenges of moving to Poland? They will share their stories with you.

Meet Carmen

We present you a second episode of our interview with Carmen. Click here if you want to check the first part. Carmen is from Barcelona, Spain. She moved to Poland 4,5 years ago with her husband, who is Polish. As she says, she enjoys life with her family and her son now.

What to do before coming to Poland?

Carmen shared a couple of practical tips for those who plan to come to Poland. First of all, try to learn some basic, Polish words. Secondly, it would be very good today learn about legal requirements of the country. If you prepare in advance, you will have less stress with bureaucracy. Being in touch with your employer is an important part of the process. Keep in mind, that many nationalities need a work permit before they begin any work in Poland.

Health security in Poland

Many people worry about health security in Poland as they are coming to Tricity. It is especially important when you move here with kids. It was a concern for Carmen too. Watch the video to see what she thinks about Polish doctors and hospitals. How about you? What do you think about Polish health security?

What’s the best in Tricity?

Carmen shares with us some of her favourite places in Tricity. It is not a surprise, that her top choice is the Main City in Gdansk, popular as the Old Town. But this is not the only place in the area she recommends.

Coming to Tricity

At the end of the interview, Carmen invites all to visit Poland and Tricity. There are many places to visit and many things to experience here.

Many people in Poland are very friendly and Carmen shared a lot of nice experiences with us. Do you have any interesting stories about your coming to Poland? Feel free to share them with us in comments under the article.

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