Coming to Tricity ep. 4 – Carmen

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In this series of interviews, Wiktor Jodlowski from Talkersi meets with people who moved to Tricity. What were their experiences? What problems did they face when coming to Tricity? Also, how did they overcome the challenges of moving to Poland? They will share their stories with you.

Meet Carmen

We present you a second episode of our interview with Carmen. Click here if you want to check the first part. Carmen is from Barcelona, Spain. She moved to Poland 4,5 years ago with her husband, who is Polish. As she says, she enjoys life with her family and her son now.

3 things you like about Poland

What do you like about Poland the most? Some of people admire the nature, others appreciate safety in this country. Still others love Polish food. What are the three things you like about Poland?

How to communicate with Polish people?

Many Polish people understand English very well. Sometimes they are afraid to speak out, but they try their best to help a foreigner. Body language is a very helpful tool as well. Yet, if someone wants to stay in Poland for a longer period of time trying to learn Polish is a very good goal.

How to learn Polish? This language is said to be one of the most difficult languages in the world. Still, many manage to learn to communicate in Polish in a relatively short time. It’s good to watch Polish TV as well as to attend some classes to learn how to speak this language.

Coming to Tricity

Many people in Poland are very friendly and Carmen shared a lot of nice experiences with us. Do you have any experiences with coming to Poland? Feel free to share them with us in comments below the article.