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In this series of interviews, Wiktor Jodlowski from Talkersi meets with people who moved to Tricity. What were their experiences? What problems did they face when coming to Tricity? Also, how did they overcome the challenges of moving to Poland? They will share their story with you.

Meet Jorge

Jorge is a Columbian man, who came to Poland following the course of happiness. He arrived in Poland in December 2016 for a longer time, though he has already been to Poland before. While traveling, he was sure, he has a job in Poland, but the reality surprised him a lot. Jorge works in the IT area. Jorge shared with us his experience and how he dealt with a stressful situation he encountered on his arrival. Does he regret coming to Tricity?

The Language

How can the language be a problem? Polish is one of the most difficult languages in the world. When a person meets this language for the first time, the impression is often quite shocking. It is hard to even distinguish the words when a person speaks Polish, especially that Polish people speak quite fast.

The Welcome

When you come to Poland, you can definitely count on one thing. Polish People are going to do their best to help you and to make you feel comfortable in this country. If you then will have any problem with finding the address, or getting to know your way around – feel free to speak to Polish people. The nation is known for their hospitality, so they are going to try to communicate with you and help you as long as it will be possible.

The Food

Polish Food is yet another thing, which is known worldwide as a trademark of Poland. The dishes like Zurek, Bigos, Tatar or Pierogi have already found a lot of fans worldwide. The food is often quite fat, but the tastes are definitely rewarding.

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