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In this series of interviews, Wiktor Jodlowski from Talkersi meets with people who moved to Tricity. What were their experiences? What problems did they face when coming to Tricity? Also, how did they overcome the challenges of moving to Poland? They will share their story with you.

Meet Carmen

Our guest was Carmen, from Barcelona, Spain.  She moved to Poland 4,5 years ago with her husband, who is Polish. As she says, she enjoys life with her family and her son now.

Are Polish people cold?

When a person moves to another country, everything is new. Food, customs, behaviors, people and quite often the language as well. For some, it may seem that Polish people are cold and closed. How to deal with such an impression? Carmen shares her experience of what happens when you reach out and start to get to know Polish people.

Become a part of a community

Carmen shared one of the things which helped her to grow her network while starting her life in Poland. The things developed much and almost automatically when she signed up her child to the local school. Additionally, she did her best to be active in the parents community. As a result, she built a lot of lasting friendships which help her to feel like home.

Welcome to Tricity!

Many people in Poland are very friendly and Carmen shared a lot of nice experiences with us. Do you have any experiences with coming to Poland? Feel free to share them with us in comments below the article.


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