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Police Car photo: Jakub Wozniak/Tricity NewsPolice Car photo: Jakub Wozniak/Tricity News

Since Monday morning, the whole country follows the story of 10-year-old Ibrahim. His biological father attacked his mother on Sunday evening and forced the child into the car. On Monday afternoon, however, some press agencies published information shedding new light on the case.

Who broke the law?

According to Polsat News, it was the mother who broke the law bringing the child to Poland. According to their sources in the Belgian prosecutor’s office, the information about the legal custody was false. On Monday morning all media got to know that the father lost parental rights in 2018. According to Polsat News, it was the mother who committed crime taking the child to Poland. Ibrahim was to stay under father’s care, in Belgium.

Mother answers the accusations

In conversation with the Polish Press Agency (PAP), the mother said she had no knowledge of the information coming from the Belgian media. In addition, she backed up her statement, that if the father acted according to the law, he wouldn’t have attacked her.

Is Ibrahim in Antwerp?

As Polsat News stated in their article, there is some information coming from the Social Media, Ibrahim is now in Antwerp. According to their source, the father and the son were seen having a walk there. This would mean, that they are not hiding anywhere.

The police verify the information

The spokesman of the Police, Mariusz Ciarka said in his interview with Polsat News, that they are now verifying the new information. Vice-minister of justice, Michal Wojcik underlined, that the mother has never asked Polish authorities for assistance with her family issues. As a result, the vice-minister is ready to request details from the Belgian ministry. This should allow verifying who is right in both sides of the conflict.

Hundreds of parental kidnappings

The spokesman for the Police said, that each year there are hundreds of parental kidnappings in Poland. As he added, when two adults cannot agree, the child suffers most. We hope that in the case of Ibrahim, despite the very confusing situation, he will end up in good and carrying hands.

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