Child Alert in Gdynia – 10-year-old kidnapped

In General

A parental kidnapping took place in Gdynia. Child Alert system is in use to localize the victim. The police are conducting a manhunt after the kidnapper, without success so far.


The victim of the kidnapping is a 10-year-old Ibrahim. Child Alert has published some information about his look. He is 150 cm high, has dark eyes and hair. At the moment of capture, he had an orange jacket, white blouse with Donald Duck, jeans and black boots on.

Source: Child Alert

Parental kidnapping

The kidnapping took place in Gdynia, on Sunday evening. According to Radio Gdansk, the man attacked the mother of the child and forced the kid into the car. He ran away in a silver car. The victim was in such a shock, that she remembered neither the type of the car nor the plate. She believes one of the letters on the registration plate is “W”.

The kidnapper was the father of the child, the citizen of Marocco. He lost parental rights as a result of a court ruling in Belgium. According to Child Alert, the father is a dangerous person.


The Police from Gdynia, together with the Border Guards have blocked the streets. The criminal department is investigating the CCTV footage and reaching the potential witnesses.


If you have any information on the case or know where the child may currently be, please contact the Child Alert.
Call 995 to contact the Child Alert or 112 to contact the emergency services.

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