Best Films of the 42nd Polish Film Festival

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During the last week, Gdynia was a capital of the most important Film Festival in Poland. It was another edition of Polish Film Festival filled with great films and lots of emotions. The final gala took place last Saturday and the films received their prizes. We present you the biggest winners – the most awarded pictures of this year.

‘Silent Night’ with Golden Lions Award

‘Silent Night’ by Piotr Domalewski is this year’s best film of the Main Competition. Additionally, Dawid Ogrodnik who plays the main role in the film won the best leading actor award. The plot of the film is a family story full of extreme emotions. Working abroad, Adam unexpectedly returns home for Christmas. No one in the family expects that this Christmas Eve will have such an impact on their lives. The cast includes many well-known Polish actors such as Tomasz Zietek, Arkadiusz Jakubik and Maria Debska.

‘Silent Night’ will be in cinemas on 24th November 2017.

See the teaser of the film.

‘The Fastest’ with 3 awards

The film tells the story of Jerzy Gorski’s life.  In spite of many adversities, he became the world champion in the double triathlon. Jakub Gierszal plays the main role and he was one of the candidates for the Best Leading Actor Award. However, “The Fastest” received 3 other awards. The audience award went to the director Łukasz Palkowski. Marek Warszewski received an award for art direction and Kamila Kamińska got one for professional acting debut. This film is a touching, based on true events story about overcoming life problems and fighting with inner demons.

The premiere in cinemas will be on 17th November 2017.

See the trailer.

Other worth-seeing films from Main Competition

Make sure to check out other award-winning films from this year’s Festival, for example, ‘Birds are singing in Kigali’ or ‘Tower. A Bright Day’. All those movies give a very interesting insight in the Polish culture as well as Polish film industry.

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