Author: Tiago Brandão

Lechia Gdansk - Zaglebie Lubin, photo: Luca Aliano/Tricity News

Lechia Gdansk stays second, Arka gets an important win

In the ninth round of Ekstraklasa, Lechia Gdansk played a home game against Zaglebie Lubin. A day before, in

Lechia Gdansk - Legia Warsaw, photo: Luka Aliano/Tricity News

Lechia Gdansk reaches the top, Arka loses in Kielce

With Jagiellonia and Lech losing their matches, Lechia Gdansk became the new leader of Ekstraklasa after a 2:3 win

Rafal Siemaszko/Arka Gdynia, Photo: Jakub Wozniak/Tricity News

Both Arka Gdynia and Lechia Gdansk won their away matches in the 5th round of Ekstraklasa

Arka Gdynia got their first win in this season’s Ekstraklasa with a 1:3 victory over Wisla Plock. Kolev, Jankowski

Lechia Gdansk - Miedz Legnica, photo: Luca Aliano/Tricity News

Lechia Gdansk gets the second win in Ekstraklasa, Arka safes a late draw

Arak and Lipski gave Lechia Gdansk the second win in the season against new in Ekstraklasa Miedz Legnica. Both

Lechia Gdansk - Legia Warsaw, photo: Luka Aliano/Tricity News

Lechia Gdansk repeats a draw, unlucky Arka gets a null

Gdansk’s team got nothing better than a null draw on Saturday visiting Polish champions, who were only able to

Arka Gdynia - Jagiellonia Bialystok, photo: Luca Aliano/Tricity News

Paixao’s fails leave Lechia Gdansk with a draw, Arka defeated at home

Flavio Paixao scored from the penalty spot but failed another one leaving Lechia Gdansk with a minimal advantage. In

Slawomir Peszko at Tricity Derby, Photo: Jakub Wozniak/Tricity News

Lechia Gdansk wins over dominant Jagiellonia, Arka Gdynia escapes a defeat

In the first round of Ekstraklasa, Lechia Gdansk made the most of the first minutes to get a win

Arka Gdynia winning Polish Super Cup 2018, photo source:, author: Wojciech Szymański

Arka Gdynia wins Polish Super Cup for the second time in a row

Arka Gdynia didn’t manage to repeat the success from 2017/2018 season losing the Polish Cup to Legia Warsaw. As

Lechia Gdansk - Korona Kielce, photo: Luca Aliano/Tricity News

Marco Paixao leaves Lechia, Arka’s trainer announces exit

Marco Paixao announced that he is leaving Lechia Gdansk and Poland in a post made on his Facebook page.

Lechia Gdansk, Photo: Luca Aliano/Tricity News

Both Lechia Gdansk and Arka Gdynia stay in Ekstraklasa

Lechia Gdansk secured maintenance in Ekstraklasa after a 1-1 away draw with Pogon Szczecin. Arka Gdynia, already sure of


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