Arka Gdynia stops the leader in a gripping match

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On Tuesday evening Arka Gdynia were facing former leader of Lotto Ekstraklasa – Gornik Zabrze. The weather in Gdynia was not gracious. However rain and wind did not scare almost 7000 fans who gathered at Stadion Miejski. This was the last time in 2017 that Arka Gdynia played home.

Spectacular pyro show

At the beginning of the match Arka’s fans presented a very impressive pyro show. It was referring to Polish 1970 protests. Those who lost their lives in December 1970 in Gdynia were honored with a minute of silence. The whole stadium also sang Polish National Anthem.

Arka Gdynia fought from the start

From the beginning of the match, the players from Gdynia were showing a lot of motivation. Luckily for Gornik, Arka’s attempts were inaccurate and Tomasz Loska did not have to intervene.

The leader of the Ekstraklasa was not very impressive in the offense. The guests were unable to create any danger close to Steinbors goal. This was also thanks to good work of Yellow&Blues’ defense. The most dangerous situation took place in the 43rd minute when Rafal Kurzawa hit the post after a free kick.

Second half

In the second half the level of the match decreased clearly. Gornik were waiting for a chance to counterattack. They were also counting on set pieces close to Steinbors goal. Arka, on the other hand, were wisely defending and waiting for their chance to surprise Gornik’s defense. Both teams had their chances by the 90th minute of the match, but their attempts were either inaccurate or stopped by goalkeepers.

In the 92nd minute Dani Suarez made a terrible mistake in Gornik’s penalty area. Ruben Jurado took the ball, Loska managed to bounce Jurado’s shot but right after that Zbozien easily sent the ball into the net and gave Arka 3 points.

Final result – 1:0

Situation in the league

Gornik lost the position of the leader of Lotto Ekstraklasa for the benefit of Legia Warszawa. Yellow&Blues with 29 points are on the 5th place in the Ekstraklasa. They are only five points behind the team from Zabrze and seven behind the current leader of the Ekstraklasa.

Next match

On Saturday, December 16th, Arka will play the last match this year – in Szczecin against Pogon. Their rivals have 11 points and are on the bottom of Ekstraklasa. However the team from Szczecin must not be underestimated. They manage to defeat Arka in Gdynia 3:0 few months ago.