Arka Gdynia – Slask Wroclaw: The Ark is sinking

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Arka Gdynia lost 4:1 against Slask Wroclaw which made their situation in the Ekstraklasa table much more complicated.

Ambitious start

Yellow&Blues began the match very ambitiously, boldly attacking and gaining visible advantage with every minute. This gave an effect in 16th minute, when after Zbozien’s throw-in, Dawid Soldecki scored a nice header and Arka were leading 0:1. After the goal Arka Gdynia were playing wisely and did not allow their rivals to create any dangerous situation successfully destroying Slask’s attacks. Everything has changed in 34th minute. After a cross into Arka’s penalty area and Morioka’s hand (the referee did not noticed it), Pawelec scored his 1st in 7 years goal for Slask. Yellow&Blues have not recovered from the lost goal and 2 minutes later Slask scored their 2nd goal. Arka kept trying to undo the losses, but unfortunately they were ineffective in their attempts. By the end of the first half, after Sobieraj’s terrible mistake Bilinski defeated Steinbors in 1-on-1 situation.

Second half

After the break Arka once again began with bold attacks. Yellow&Blues had a few free-kicks and corners but each time the ball was caught by Mariusz Pawelek (Slask’s goalkeeper). In 60th minute Slask players intercepted the ball, got through Arka’s defense once again and scored their 4th goal that evening. Despite the terrible result Yellow&Blues kept on trying. The defense of Slask was though consequently interrupting Arka’s attempts. Slask had even more chances to score but the result did not change.

The ark is sinking

Two rounds before the end of the season Yellow&Blues are still in the relegation zone with 20 points having 3 points more than the last Ruch Chorzow and 1 point less than Gornik Leczna. At this moment, even gaining 6 points in the last two matches might not be enough to keep the Ekstraklasa in Gdynia.

Next games

On May 27th at 18:00 Arka will face Ruch Chorzow. It is going to be the last match of the season in Gdynia. One week later Yellow&Blues will go to Lubin to play against Zaglebie. Will it be their last match in Ekstraklasa?