Arka Gdynia escaped from the relegation zone

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Arka Gdynia won against Gornik Leczna on Friday evening and escaped from the relegation zone.

Under Pressure

Coach Ojrzynski was realising that loss of points against Gornik would complicate Arka’s already difficult situation. That was the reason why he decided for a very offensive setting. In the first eleven there was place for many offensive players such as Formella, Szwoch, Hofbauer, Siemaszko and Marcus Da Silva.

Calm first half

There were only two dangerous situations in the first half. Both of them were created by Yellow&Blues players. In 17th minute Dariusz Formella had a chance to score but in a 1-on-1 situation he did not manage to defeat Malecki (Gornik’s goalkeeper). In 39th minute after a corner kick and a chaos in the penalty area, Rafal Siemaszko scored his 9th goal for Arka this season.

Second half

In the second half Arka still was leading the game and Gornik kept focusing on the defense. In 55th minute Marcus Da Silva passed the ball to Mateusz Szwoch, but Malecki defended his shot. Players from Leczna were unbelievably ineffective in their attacks. They were unable to create any dangerous situation close to Steinbors penalty area. In 76th minute Siemaszko passed the ball to Formella, but he missed in a very good situation.

Escaping trouble

The result did not change and Arka won their first match in Ekstraklasa after 77 days. The  points let Arka escape the relegation zone. Yellow&Blues with 20 points are now on the 12th place in Ekstraklasa.

Next match

On Tuesday at 18:00 in Gdynia Arka will face Wisla Plock. Tickets are still available and Yellow&Blues will really need the support from fans.