Arka enters relegation play-off zone, Lechia closer to the bottom

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Arka Gdynia lowered to the relegation play-off zone after a home null with Piast Gliwice. This score left Gdynia’s team at the ninth place of Ekstraklasa. Lechia Gdansk hasn’t done better after drawing with Termalica and remains at the 12th place of the Polish championship. This is dangerously close to the bottom.

Arka Gdynia – Piast Gliwice

Gdynia’s team, still hasn’t been able to win in four rounds after the winter break. What’s more, they saw Piast almost getting to the goal when Hateley forced Steinbors to a very good defense on the 18th minute after a shot from outside the box.

The answer came one minute later when Jurado took advantage of Piast’s poor defense work to create a danger. However, the Spanish player shot over the bar after a very good artistic job that put him facing Piast’s keeper.

Last minute chances

On the last twenty minutes of the game, Piast had two good chances to leave Gdynia with the win. On the 72nd minute, Czerwinski headed a little over the bar after a free kick from Vassiljev. One minute later, Papadopoulos almost scored, but Steinbors was still able deflect the shot.

Arka answered in the 75th minute with a good shot by Esqueda after the Mexican player eluded two Piast defenders. It was Piast though, that was near the goal again at the 84th minute. Papadopoulos forced Steinbors to another great defense.

Gdynia team, that only was able to score three points in last four rounds, suffered a last scare one minute later when Zivec’s shot still touched the bar. The result remained untouched until the final whistle.

Lechia Gdansk – Bruk Bet Termalica Nieciecza

On the other hand, Lechia managed to get the second point in four games after winter brake by drawing 2-2 at home to Termalica Nieciecza. Heavy snowfall affected the game as the grass was in poor condition for a football match.

Termalica was the first to score in the 26th minute when Gergel, served by Stefanik, allowed Kuciak to deflect the ball. However, Kuciak’s defense made the ball hit the post and it ended up entering the goal.

Lechia got the equalizer one minute from brake when Marco Paixao successfully scored from a penalty kick. This happened after a foul from Toivio on Slavchev right over the box line. The referee judged that the foul was inside the box.

The Second Half

Nine minutes into the second half, Lechia got its second goal after a free kick from Peszko. Termalica’s keeper tried to put the ball away from his box, but it went right onto Chrzanowski foot and ended up entering the goal.

Termalica responded to the disadvantage by striking a ball to the woodwork at the 72nd minute by replacement Guba. Finally, they got the equalizer at the second minute of the stoppage time after a poor defensive work by Lechia’s men.

After a cross into the box, Lechia’s defense allowed Putivtsev to serve Toivio for the 2-2. One minute later, the fans almost saw Termalica scoring the 2-3 on two occasions until the final whistle. Kuciak managed to deflect the ball in both chances though.

With this result, Lechia Gdansk maintained the 12th position in Ekstraklasa with 26 points but now only two points ahead of the two last in the classification.