Annual Culture Celebration- WORLD THEATRE DAY

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Photo: Jakub Woźniak/Tricity NewsPhoto: Jakub Woźniak/Tricity News

World Theatre Day

is celebrated on the 27th of March since 1961. The first World Theatre Day International Message was written by Jean Cocteau (a French writer) in the 17th century. It started in Helsinki at the 9th World Congress of the ITI in June 1961. President Arvi Kivimaa proposed on behalf of the Finnish Centre of the International Theatre Institute that a World Theatre Day be instituted. Since then, to mark this occasion, various national and international theatre events have been organized.

How can we celebrate WDT in Tricity?

There was a variety of ways to do it here. Almost every Tricity Theatre was offering special shows for culture friendly people. Another example- you could go to the Congress of Pomeranian Culture (Kongres Kultury Pomorskiej) in Gdańsk. Mrs. Anna Kwaśniewska was leading the event by exposing our heritage and traditions in culture.

Workshops in Gdynia`s Theatre

Gdynia`s Civic Theatre (Teatr Miejski w Gdyni) gave today an opportunity for students from Gdynia to feel the atmosphere of Theatre and being actors. At the beginning the leader told students to feel the stage by their feet. That was very odd for them, so they started to walk in the circle, one by one. The awkwardness on their faces was visible even from the last row of seats. But by the time they started to walk their own paths, throwing hands in the air, jumping and even lying on the floor while others were stepping above them.

Then the laugh appeared- students started to play with each other`s with… invisible ball. Everybody was different here- some of them “played” basketball, others volleyball, tennis or baseball. After that to slow down, students had to survey one of the objects on the stage and after some time they were made to stare at everyone in the group. Just before finishing workshops, pupils were just smiling at each other and complementing everyone around. The atmosphere was unforgettable and hopefully teenagers will come back to the theatre.

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