Animal Baltic 2018 [photo report]

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Hundreds of pet fans came to Amber Expo in Gdansk last Sunday. Animal Baltic are the biggest zoological exhibition in the region. A wide range of different animals as well as various attractions attracted whole families.

Animal Baltic

Animal Baltic is a one day event for all those who have or would like to have a pet. It is an opportunity to meet owners of different pets, talk with specialists and gather knowledge about available products. It is also a great place to get to know advantages and disadvantages of owning different animals. The visitors can get to know not only dogs or cats, but also many other, more exotic breeds. From spiders and scorpions, through snakes and geckos to beautiful birds, they were all there.

Dogs meet dogs

Probably the most adorable aspect of Animal Baltic is that it is pet friendly. This means visitors can come with their own animals as long as they prove its health at the entrance. This means animals could make new friends and owners could exchange their experiences with other owners of the breed. There is probably nothing more adorable than a bunch of French Buldogs playing together shortly after they meet.

The amount of people who came with their own pets opened yet another opportunity. Those who struggle with choosing their family pet could gather some first hand knowledge.

Products for animals

Animal Baltic was also a great opportunity to get to know new products for different animals. Pet enthusiasts could buy all kinds of accessories including interesting dog chews from deer antlers. The product of Premium 4 Animals is made of antlers naturally dropped off by wild deer living in Polish forests.

Those who are crazy about their pets could also buy t-shirts, cups and other themed clothing. What was especially interesting though was special jewelry for pet lovers from Redog.

Happy families, happy pets

Walking around the exposition you could feel the happiness. Happy dogs were wagging their tails while getting to know other animals around them. Happy kids were discovering new kinds of animals and parents were using this opportunity to teach their young ones. Proud dog owners were happy because of the attention around their dogs. And pet enthusiasts… Well we were extremely happy to stroke every animal we saw.