American Football League reaches out to businesses

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On Friday morning representatives of different fields in Triciy gathered to discover new cooperation opportunities. American Football League (LFA) together with Seahawks Gdynia American Football Club organized a business breakfast. The event took place in Whiskey on the Rocks in Sopot.

American Football League

In November 2017, new American Football League (pol. Liga Futbolu Amerykanskiego) came to existence in Poland. The league gathers 20 teams in 2 competition levels. The biggest and the best teams play within LFA 1. Teams divide into three groups depending on their level and achievements. The strongest group A consists of Panthers Wroclaw, Seahawks Gdynia, Lowlanders Bialystok and Tychy Falcons. Group B are Warsaw Sharks, AZS UMW Olsztyn Lakers, Rhinos Wyszkow and Angels Torun. Krakow Kings, AZS Silesia Rebels, Wilki Lodzkie as well as Patriots Poznan are going to play within Group C. After matches in the main part of the season, the best teams will enter the cup phase of the season.

LFA Business Meetings

Sport is not only about competitions and cups. Sport clubs around the globe attract businesses, sponsors and become masters of marketing. As a result, huge money and various business opportunities wait for companies which want to cooperate with sport clubs. LFA sees this opportunity and reaches out to enterprises in Poland to invite them to cooperate with the league as well as clubs.

One of the ways to promote the cooperation are business meetings. The league organizes business breakfasts in cities around Poland. Meetings present interesting opportunities to all sides. First of all, LFA can promote American Football and invite companies to cooperate. On the other hand, business representatives have a chance to meet, exchange ideas and network.

LFA Business Breakfast in Tricity

During today’s meeting in Whiskey on the Rocks, Marcin Wyszkowski and Gabriel Zdrojewski introduced the idea of LFA Business Breakfasts. The guests could also hear about benefits of reaching American Football society in Poland. Networking part especially interesting as some of the guests already had their ideas on how to cooperate. Thanks to this the meeting was very efficient and productive.

Next LFA Breakfast Meeting in Tricity

The organizers mentioned that they plan to come back to within next two months. If you or your business can benefit from such a meeting, feel free to reach Tricity News through our contact page.

Seahawks Gdynia – Budapest Cowbells

If you would like to see American Football in action, save this Sunday to come to Gdynia. Seahawks Gdynia come back to international championships with a match against Budapest Cowbells.