Aerobaltic 2018 – An event at the highest level

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One of the biggest civil airshows in Poland took place in Gdynia last weekend. Aerobaltic 2018 was definitely a successful event which attracted some 300.000 people. The crowds were gathering both at the main beach in Gdynia and Kosakowo airport throughout the weekend. All of them experienced an unforgettable time with the best pilots, the fastest planes and the most spectacular performances.

Bigger, faster, more spectacular

The 2017 edition of Gdynia Aerobaltic was a huge success. Some 200.000 people visited the main beach in Gdynia to observe spectacular performances of the best pilots. This year, the organizers went much further, bringing the event to an entirely new level. The event was much bigger, required much more organization, gathered more pilots and performers and attracted more spectators. Those who visited Gdynia Aerobaltic 2018 could see faster planes and more spectacular performances. They definitely didn’t regret the time spent at the beach or at the airport.

During the event, the audience could enjoy 20 hours of dynamic shows. The best pilots from 10 countries appeared in the air to present their skills in Tricity. Additionally, the visitors saw 85 planes at the static exposition, took part in meetings with pilots and visited Aero Expo.

Two places, unforgettable experiences

For the first time, the event was taking place at two locations. During the day, the spectators could visit Kosakowo airport with static exposition, many special zones as well as spectacular dynamic shows. During the evening, the event was moving down to the city center with breathtaking performances above the sea near the main beach.

Artur Kielak

One of the pilots performing at Gdynia Aerobaltic 2018 gave an especially impressive show. Artur Kielak, a 40 years old Polish pilot introduced himself to the audience on Friday evening. The aerobatics he performed were spectacular and breathtaking. Additionally, he synchronized the tricks with music what made a huge impression. Kielak was also showing his skills at Kosakowo airport during the day shows.

Looking forward to the next edition

Gdynia Aerobaltic is definitely one of the best events in Tricity. Both the performances and the organization of the event were at the highest level.

What’s interesting is that the organizers have already announced that the event will come back to Tricity next year. We are looking forward to the 2019 edition of Gdynia Aerobaltic!

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