A technical break in MEVO service

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Mevo system, photo source: Metropolia Gdansk press releaseMevo system, photo source: Metropolia Gdansk press release

On Sunday, the 31st of March, users will not be able to rent MEVO bicycles. Due to record interest in the service, the operator didn’t manage to provide enough full batteries for the bicycles. Those who have bought monthly subscriptions will get two more days to their accounts.

Unexpected popularity

Since last Tuesday, when the system launched, 41 thousand users registered. They performed 38 thousand rentals. This is a score far beyond the expectations of the system providers. As a result, many bicycles discharged and the operator had problems to recharge the batteries in time.

Charging problems

The initial single charging point in Gdansk proved to be inefficient. On Friday, the provider launched yet another charging point in Gdynia. This, however, didn’t stop the problems, as while charging all batteries at once, the electrical system overloaded. As a result, the points stopped for a few hours.

Additionally, one more charging point came to existence on Saturday. This one is in Ergo Arena and has a very efficient electrical connection. Thanks to those new spots, the operator will be able to charge more than a thousand batteries every day. This is two times more than at the day of the launch of the system.

24 hours without bikes

The system will be inactive for 24 hours on Sunday, the 31st of March. The bicycles will not be available through the app on that day. The providers will prolong all subscriptions by two days. This break should serve to rebuild and secure the supply of full batteries.

Metropolitan Bicycle

Mevo system started on the 26th of March and was very popular from the very beginning of its operating. The users rented the electrical bicycles more than 38 thousand times until Friday night. This is nearly 11 thousand times a day. Each bicycle was used nearly 9 times a day which is much more than initially expected. The service is now working hard to bring the system back to its full work.

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