A desert by the sea – dunes in Łeba

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Photo: Adrana Kratiuk/Mowi się po polskuPhoto: Adrana Kratiuk/Mowi się po polsku

Summer season is already in it’s peak and if you’re still stuck in the city, it’s the best time for an escape.

Need a city break?

If you live in Tricity but have no clue where to go for a short city break, stay tuned. Each week I will give you some tips about places which are worth to go to. Some of them are just around the corner, other you have to visit by car, but I bet you will love all of them. Moreover, you’ll learn some polish words too.

Wydma Łącka – a village covered with sand.

85 km from Gdynia there is a small, adorable town which is a favourite summer destination of thousands of people from Poland, Germany and Sweden. Kilometers of white-sandy beach where you can admire the most stunning sunset in your live, bunch of restaurants with freshly caught fish or high standard campsites for nature lovers. How tempting does it sound? As it’s a small city, it’s a bit crowdy too. But if you just go for an 8 km walk (or melex ride) you will explore one of our Pomeranian miracles. It is Wydma Łącka. Till the XVI century there was a tiny fishing village Łączka, but right now it doesn’t exist anymore.  Because of a consecutive wind with its 15 km/ hour speed it has been totally covered with sand. Now there is a 42 m high dune, which is still covering more and more parts of forest.

Photo: Adrana Kratiuk/Mowi się po polsku
Photo: Adriana Kratiuk/Mowi się po polsku

For hiking lovers.

To get there you have to walk through fishing port and Turystyczna street to plaża zachodnia (western beach), also called plaża D. If you travel with kids, be aware of plenty of ice cream, waffles and swimming equipment spots which might be harmful to your wallet. As soon as you’ll reach the sea shore turn left. It’s the opposite direction than Łeba. Now it’s just 7 km. At least that’s what the sign says but when you reach Wydma Łącka you’ll see that it was a bit more. This is the only place in Europe where you may be on a desert and on a beach at one time. You have to experience that!

Photo: Adrana Kratiuk/Mowi się po polsku
Photo: Adriana Kratiuk/Mowi się po polsku

From a desert to the top of the coast.

Here you may choose if you want to continue hiking or take a melex and go back to your place. For the brave ones, there’s an adorable lighthouse in Czołpino. It’s also possible to reach it on foot. But if you would like to take a look from the top, there’s a better place to do so. A lighthouse in a village of Stilo. If Łeba is small, this place is micro small. The lighthouse is actually 5 km from the village itself and 10 km from Łeba. It’s 34 m high. The stunning view from the top will reward you for the climbing. There are just kilometers of sandy beach around you, juicy-green forest and breathtaking deep blue sea. And I promise that’s all you’ll see. No people, just pure nature and tranquility. So if you gonna be tired by Łeba’s crowded beach, you know where to hide.

Photo: Adrana Kratiuk/Mowi się po polsku
Photo: Adriana Kratiuk/Mowi się po polsku

A time to relax

If you did it all in one day – congratulations. Now you deserve some time to relax. Is there a better way to spend your holiday evening than watching a sunset on the beach by the Baltic Sea? Yes. It’s watching a sunset from a cruise on the Baltic Sea. There are 3 boats to choose from. One is more like a party boat with music, dancing and so one. Another, wooden one is more for romantic souls who just want to admire this splendid phenomenon. The third – rib boat- is dedicated to adrenaline lovers, which can achieve 100 km per hour in a few seconds!

Photo: Adrana Kratiuk/Mowi się po polsku
Photo: Adriana Kratiuk/Mowi się po polsku

If you would like to stay informed about how to stay active in Pomerania, where to go in your spare time and what to explore, visit my fanpage. And if you are still in front of your computer, do not hesitate anymore. Pack your stuff and go to Łeba. It seems like it’s going to be a beautiful day!

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